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I accept both bitcoin (preferred) and giftcard (extra fees).

I prefer to be paid with Bitcoin, here’s a page I recommend which explains it quite nicely:

I also accept giftcards, however with an extra fee of 15% on all non premade content, as with premades the extra costs is already included. For customs, live sessions, panties I will want to be contacted first to see if I will agree to it, get the pricing sorted out.

Guide to paying with Bitcoin:

1. Choose the donation, calculate the total.
2. Send the amount to my btc address: 1HWKqwGaSnLG9kYxjodTAJpc7h7tpp66Sp
3. Message me on any of my social media the amount you have sent, and what content you have chosen.

Guide to paying with giftcard:

1. Choose the donation, calculate the total. Please note with Amazon giftcard it will be more compared to bitcoin.
2. This should link you to where to purchase gift cards if you already have an account, please put in my email: [email protected] as the recipient when you send the gift card. Please note, I DO NOT accept code.
3. Leave the message part of the Amazon giftcard blank. Review that you have filled in the information correctly then send me the giftcard. Send me an email of what you have ordered.

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