Custom Video


I shoot the videos with a Logitech C920 HD Pro Full HD Webcam.

I cater to most fetishes, however I don’t do scat, beastiality, and some other extreme fetishes that may even be illegal.
Content that I regularly produce and enjoy producing are: JOI, submissive/dominant role play, dressing up in costumes, using your name, feet play, DD/LG, fantasy roleplay.
Here are my toys that you can choose from!

I charge as follows:

$6 per min (not showing face) (minimum of 10 minutes)
$9 per min (showing face) (minimum of 10 minutes)
I charge additional for anything messy/anal but depending on what it is, so ask me and I’ll tell you the price
I will send the video as a download link that can also be streamed! It is sent via

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